Offered an “ACOD”? Here’s What That Means.

Thank you to the Long Island Professional Network for featuring me as a speaker on the changed coming for New York’s treatment of marijuana.

If you have questions about the marijuana legalization effort in New York, especially 1) if you are looking to get in on the business, or 2) you have concerns on how the changes will affect your existing business, give me a call at (516) 388-7611.

And, of course, if you or a loved have been arrested for possession, call me ASAP

The #Cannabis Act, as currently written, gives the new state #licensingagency the power to limit the number of licenses granted. Why is this important? When New York legalized and licensed #medicalmarijuana, the state issued a grand total of FIVE licenses to production and processing companies, and waited two full years before granting another five licenses. Total dispensary licenses was and is capped at 20.

What this means is that businesses who are looking to get in on the opportunities available when the Cannabis Act (recreational use) ultimately passes should be making every effort to prepare their materials IN ADVANCE so they can be first in the door.